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“To produce music has a high significance to me. It's not just a song, but the progress of emotions...

every song that I produce tells a story.” - Linda Grazia


Linda Grazia, the Zurich-based DJ, is becoming known in the electronic music world for her string-heavy Techno/ Deep-House performances. With Sicilian roots and a love for tango music, her sets are often laced with emotional passion as she aims to give the crowd an amazing experience all while making them dance.


Working for her family's restaurant as the manager and event organizer was well enough but at the end of every shift Linda Grazia knew she wanted more out of life, and that was music. Seeing Moonbootica in Hamburg sealed the deal for her. She remembers of that first time seeing them and the bells ringing in her head, "What happens around them, they do not notice. That fascinated me." After realizing that something in her was ignited, she approached Oliver of Moonbootica and after a lengthy and delightful conversation about music and DJing, Linda knew what she had to do. She realized, "Music has to do with the heart and you have to do it for yourself; only for yourself."


Fast forward to 2014. Linda's life as a DJ was going great but she wanted more. That is when dove into the world of production and added the title of producer to her credits as she had her first productions released on a small indie label in Germany. By the following year, she decided to step away from music to regroup in Zurich, Switzerland. It didn't take long after that for her to get bitten by the bug again. Soon enough she was making her comeback as a DJ. Linda got involved in the local scene and became the resident DJ at Les Garcons. For the next couple of years, she grew in credibility and popularity, becoming a household name throughout Germany and parts of Switzerland.


The past couple of years have seen one milestone after another come into Linda Grazia's life. She participated and won at the Street Parade 2017 DJ Contest in Zurich, one of the biggest music events for electronic music lovers. That landed her name in even bigger and brighter lights, garnering not only the attention of clubs around Europe but Lemon Juice Records. She signed with them in 2018.


Since signing with Lemon Juice Records Linda Grazia has dropped a few singles; "Different Cultures on Language" in September 2018, "Wüstenklang" in December 2018, and May 2019's “Indian Summer.” Her debut single is one she holds close to her heart. The song was inspired by the Street Parade 2018 theme as it wasn't just about the music that day, but the various cultures coming together with one end goal - to celebrate life and enjoy the day. The song represents what many in this world have forgotten, the importance of respecting others no matter where they are from.


Linda Grazia presents a beautiful message in her music, but it's that signature sound that elevates her above the rest. Intertwining tango into her electronic sound didn't come from nowhere. Linda packed up her bags some time ago and relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina for five months to learn the ins and outs of tango dancing. Along the way the rhythm of the dance traveled through her legs and into her heart and mind, thus resulting in her incorporating those elements into her music.


Over the years Linda Grazia has played throughout Europe as one of the leading female DJs around. From clubs to festivals and more, Linda has proven her ability to take control of a crowd and entertain with her unique blend of rhythmic, South American-inspired electronic beats.

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