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LEMONJUICERECORDS is a dynamic force in the electronic music industry. Founded in December 2016 by CEO Carmi Rosa, also known as Guru, the label has quickly emerged as one of Switzerland's most innovative and rapidly expanding electronic music powerhouses.

Specializing in a diverse range of captivating genres, including Tech-House, Minimal, Deep-Tech, and the Techno, Melodic, Progressive, and Afro-House of its sublabel 8620RECORDS, LEMONJUICERECORDS has garnered a dedicated following and earned a reputation for pushing boundaries and curating cutting-edge sounds. 

LEMONJUICERECORDS and 8620RECORDS have become a magnet for aspiring DJs and producers worldwide. From the USA to Australia, South America to Europe, Asia to Africa, talent gravitates towards the LEMONJUICE WORLD, eagerly submitting their demos in pursuit of recognition and the opportunity to make their indelible mark on the global stage.

LEMONJUICERECORDS, 8620RECORDS, and the event labels Authentic, The City Jungle, and the newly created Easypeasylemonsqueeze are managed by LEMONJUICEAGENCY, a management company launched in 2018. LEMONJUICEAGENCY oversees the management of music events, music labels, music distribution, and publishing through its own EDITIONLEMONJUICE publishing company in a worldwide partnership with ROBA MUSIC. Additionally, LEMONJUICEAGENCY handles bookings and booking requests for the LEMONJUICE DJs while also managing the back-office operations for its own events and supporting artist development.

The label's renowned event series, including Authentic and The City Jungle have captivated audiences in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand (Bangkok), and their home base in Switzerland. 

In 2022, LEMONJUICEAGENCY expanded its portfolio with the launch of Easypeasylemonsqueeze further solidifying their commitment to pushing boundaries and promoting emerging talent in the electronic music scene. With their unwavering passion and dedication to musical innovation, the LEMONJUICE WORLD is reshaping the electronic music landscape, offering exceptional events and groundbreaking experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Welcome to the LEMONJUICE WORLD, where music comes alive in ways you've never imagined.



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