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The Italian deejay and music producer Federico Ponte aka Fifth Key made his dream reality and started his musical career in 2009.


With the dedication and passion to create and produce his own sound (techno, tech-house), made him not only of being able to catch his audience with his unique style but also made him evolve into a household name in the Venetian part of Italy (Veneto). In 2016 Fifth Key joined forces with the „APARTY CREW“ and had the opportunity, of showing his skills to a bigger audience in various well-known underground clubs such as: 


Rivolta club (Marghera), Point 13 (Vicenza), Phobic Club (Marghera), Tag Club (Mestre), Hub Club (Padova), Bubble Club (Mestre)


He also had the chance to share the stage with artists like Boris Brejcha, Sharam, Carlo Ruetz, Fer br, Nu zao, Deysa Djane 

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