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In the same decade Boran was born, so was house music and techno. He has grown up to be a little bit tech and a little bit deep but keeps it just a little bit more soulful than anything else. It is not supposed to be the classic story of a boy, who has begun experimenting with instruments at an early age or has spent many years in Ibiza as a raver. These stories are known to many. It is rather about what you want to convey. Differences make the value of each individual. Boran's diversity is to put masses in motion, with the most spoken language in the world: techno music.

This musical diversity gives him a distinctive character in his element. The mixture of acoustics has never been so close to electronics. This ability makes his music lively and addictive. It's like finding the flattering feeling of the symphonies of classical music in techno. Boran, a young man who always tries to live the subculture and above all, cultivate it. Even though in today's world, where the DJing is almost popular as striving to become rich, there are actually still people, who pursue this passion and remain underground. 

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